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Inventory Management System


Take Control of Your Inventory with AppliedSTORE®

AppliedSTORE® is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tracking system that provides you with better control and improved management of your supply storeroom. Designed to fit individual operational needs, AppliedSTORE ensures the right part is on the shelf when your maintenance crew needs it.

AppliedSTORE offers:

Improved Inventory Control - Through hand-held scanners and special tags, incoming and outgoing inventory is easily identified and tracked. 

Detailed Custom Reporting - Inventory levels and various activity levels are easily tracked through timely customized reports. You can review these reports online by logging onto www.AppliedSTORE.com 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Reduced Operation Costs - With AppliedSTORE, you carry less inventory, have less waste and better manage your resources.

Accurate Cost Accounting - Utilizing key data, you take greater fiscal control over inventory dollars and procurement expenses.

Customized Replenishment System - Customizing the replenishment system to work with your plant’s minimum and maximum reorder points ensures safety stock is always available and surplus is reduced.

Improved Productivity - With minimal effort, AppliedSTORE is set up through your local Applied® service center. The system manages a single storeroom, multiple storerooms or a network of storerooms across multiple plant locations. AppliedSTORE requires little training or specialized skills, allowing employees to use it immediately upon installation.

AppliedSTORE is easy to set up, requires little training or specialized skills, can be used immediately upon installation and manages a single storeroom, multiple storerooms or a network of storerooms across multiple plant locations.  Let us help you keep your storeroom running as efficiently and smoothly as possible. E-mail us at appliedstore@applied.com.

AppliedSTORE brochure (509 KB)

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