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 Advanced Industrial Pneumatics

Course Number MP-10005

This course provides discussion of the applications of advanced industrial pneumatics as they apply to pneumatic systems.

With instruction from highly qualified experts, this course utilizes component cut-aways and tabletop trainers for hands-on training.  This process allows participants to see pneumatic systems in action and to perform setups of pneumatic circuits.

Major benefits as a result of this training program include the ability to:

  • Minimize failures in pneumatic equipment, thus reducing downtime and cost.
  • Describe pneumatic power and the components used in the design of pneumatic systems.
  • Respond quickly to equipment and system failures.
  • Use knowledge gained to maintain and repair pneumatic equipment and controls.
  • Explain common circuit applications.

Intended Audience: personnel involved in the maintenance of pneumatic equipment and systems.
Duration: 16-hours

For more information on Advanced Industrial Pneumatics, contact your local service center at 877-279-2799 or email us at applied@maintpro.com.

Contents - more detailed table of contents for the course.

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