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 Advanced Industrial Hydraulics

Course Number MP-10003                                                                                     

The course is designed to provide the opportunity to technicians and maintenance personnel to learn the operation and construction of hydraulic components.

At the completion of this course, the participants will be able to describe the operation of hydraulic components, perform general hydraulic component maintenance and design and understand hydraulic circuits.

The course provides a comprehensive discussion of hydraulic components and its operation. It also reviews the key factors for effectively designing hydraulic circuits. The class format includes classroom presentation, demonstration ands hands-on exercise through tabletop trainers.

Taught by highly qualified instructors who are experts in this field, the 16-hour course will give participants the ability to:

  • Recall and describe key concepts of the basic hydraulic course including the basic theory and key items of safety.
  • List good maintenance practices for working on hydraulic systems.
  • Describe the construction, operation and main failures of hydraulic components.
  • Develop the skills to design and understand hydraulic circuits.
  • Describe fundamental concepts for electro-hydraulic and automation, and how they can apply to hydraulic systems.

Intended Audience:  Personnel involved in the maintenance and repair of hydraulic equipment and systems.
Duration:  16 hours

For more information on Advanced Industrial Hydraulics, contact your local service center at 877-279-2799 or email us at applied@maintpro.com

Click on the Contents link for a more detailed table of contents for this course. 


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