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  Applied Industrial Technologies Open gears including gear reducers and gear reducer components including Martin Sprocket, Browning gears, Ametric open gears and Boston gears at Applied Industrial Technologies.
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    Open Gears  
From gear reducers to gear reducer components, Applied delivers the gearing products you need -- fast.
Featured Suppliers
Partnered with industry leading suppliers, Applied is prepared to deliver the products and services you need -- fast.
Ametric open gears
Boston open gears
Browning open gears
Martin Sprocket open gears
Highlighted Products
Martin Sprocket S1624 - Steel Spur Gear  
Martin Stock Spur Gears are available in five different styles. Steel gears are furnished in plain style and plain style with hub. Cast gears are furnished, plain with hub, web with lighting holes, and spoke. Cast gears are cast with larger hub to provide extra strength and to allow for larger bores. Additional features include:
-More cost effective, quieter running, and metallic options
-Four ball wear test 40kg: 63 mm
-Reliability from steel, cast iron, and brass
-Parallel shaft applicatons
-Base oil viscosity: 500 SUS @ 100 °F; compliances: USDA/NSF H-1 approved; NLGI
Boston Gear H1618 - Quadruple Lead Worm  
The efficiency of a worm gear drive depends on the lead angle and number of starts in the worm. The angle generally decreases with increasing ratio and worm pitch diameter. For increased efficiency the ratio should be kept low. Boston Gear worm gears provide an effective answer for such power transmission applications as high-ratio speed reduction, limited space, right-angle shafts and non-intersecting shafts. When properly applied, they are the smoothest and quietest form of gearing. Steel worms and cast iron or bronze worm gears having throated teeth are available in single or multiple threads, 48 to 3 diameter pitch. Acetal worms and worm gears are available in single thread 48, 32 and 24 diameter pitches. Additional features include:
-Increased efficiency with lower ratios
-Resistance to back driving with some ratios
-Minimal space requirments
-High ratio speed reduction
-Smoothest, quietest form of gearing
-90° non-intersecting shaft applications

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