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  Applied Industrial Technologies Replacement v belts for your industrial belt applications with stronger construction. Brands include Goodyear v belts by Applied Industrial Technologies.
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Goodyear V-belts
Ametric Metric V-belts
Manheim Power Twist Belts
Highlighted Products
Goodyear 5VX1250 - Hy-T Wedge™ Cogged Belt  
The Goodyear Hy-T Wedge™ line of belts provide a narrower cross section and stronger construction to reduce drive costs. Additional features include:
-Increased horsepower capacity versus classical (A, B, C, D) profile belts
-Cogged construction for increased flexibility around smaller sheaves
-Potential for narrower sheaves for less bearing load
Goodyear B60 - Hy-T Plus™ Belt  
Designed for operating at high speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances, Goodyear Hy-T Plus™ belts can be used in multiple v-belt drives where high-shock loads and heavy-duty loads are encountered. Additional features include:
-Vytacord® tensile members are treated with 3T process to control stretch
-Plioflex® impregnated envelope fabric provides positive traction, maximum flexibility, and extended wear resistance
-Built to Matchmaker® specifications so all belts of the same size meet RMA matching specifications which eliminates matching problems, improves performance, and increases service life
-HY-T® Plus belts are dual branded with the fractional horsepower belt part number

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