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 Repair Services - Power Transmission
Mechanical & Gearing Parts
Our qualified partners provide repair services for the full spectrum of mechanical and gearing devices including rolls, gear reducers of all styles and makes, overhead crane parts and assemblies, coilers, line shafts, bearing housings, processing equipment, drive shafts/spindles/couplings, truck dump cylinders, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and fluid couplings.

In-plant machining includes:
- line boring (up to 20’ long x 24” diameter)
- milling (up to 12’ long x 24” diameter)
- flange facing (up to 60” diameter)
- O.D. turning (up to 18” diameter and unlimited length)
- babbitt bearings
- portable drilling (up to 3” diameter x 24” deep)
- keyway cutting (up to 3” wide and unlimited length)

Our partners have a lifting capacity of 50 tons, and can accommodate lathes to 60” diameter x 24’ length; roll grinders to 60” diameter x 22’ length; and horizontal boring mills to x=22’, y=12”, z=72”. Proprietary processes include submerged arch weld overlay with in-house thermal stress relieving.

An exchange program is available for some parts. Technical support is accessible 24 hours each day.

U-Joint & Coupling Shafts
Our repair specialist’s capabilities include:
- cleaning
- sandblasting
- turning
- milling
- drilling
- boring
- grinding
- welding
- straightening
- balancing
- painting
- crating

They begin with thorough cleaning and inspection, followed by checking the dimensions to ensure they are within the proper tolerance levels. Inspection reports are provided and customers give approval before any repair work is done. All parts are returned in like-new condition. Field service training and maintenance training are available for all rebuilt parts.

For details, please call your local Applied® service center at 1-877-279-2799.

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