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  Applied Industrial Technologies AC motors, electric motors and AC motor controls from manufacturers including Baldor AC motors, Boston motors and Reliance ac motors from Applied Industrial Technologies.
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    AC Motors  
A typical AC motor consists of two parts: 1) an outside stationary stator having coils supplied with AC current to produce a rotating magnetic field and; 2) an inside rotor attached to the output shaft that is given a torque by the rotating field. There are two fundamental types of AC motor depending on the type of rotor used: 1) the synchronous motor, which rotates exactly at the supply frequency or a submultiple of the supply frequency and; 2) the induction motor, which turns slightly slower, and typically (though not necessarily always) takes the form of the squirrel cage motor.
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Highlighted Products
Baldor VM3546 - Three Phase C-Face Less Base General Purpose AC Motor  

Baldor's extensive line of General Purpose motors are available in Open Drip-proof and TEFC construction in both single and three phase. Horsepower sizes available from stock range from 1/12 HP through 1500 HP. Designed for "general purpose" use means that these motors can be used in applications which include compressors, pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling, machine tools and many others. Also available are stock motors that are direct replacements for the motors built in Pre-1952 NEMA frames.


Reliance P14G7527 - General Purpose AC Motor  

Designed for long life and reliable operations in severe industrial applications. Built extra tough for life in moist contaminated environments such as chemical plants, petroleum refineries, and paper mills. Additional features include:
-Plated steel frame with cast iron end shields (48 to 145T)
-Double-sealed, permanently-lubricated bearings (48 to 145T)
-T-drains - drive end (48 to 145T)
-416 stainless shaft with lip seal on both ends (48 - 145T)
-Centriseal (tm) Class F plus insulation (48 to 145T)
-Cast iron frame, conduit box, end shields, fan cover, and inner caps (180T to 449 T)
-Relubricable bearings - PLS(tm) Positive Lubrication System available on some models (180T to 449T)
-T-drain in both ends (180T to 449T)
-Non-metallic V-ring shaft slinger (180T to 449T)
-Two-year limited warranty on XT & EMT
-Three-year limited warranty on XEX


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