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  Applied Industrial Technologies DC motors and controls for industrial applications including DC electric motors and motor controllers by Baldor DC motors, Boston motors and Reliance motors from Applied Industrial Technologies.
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The classic DC motor has a rotating armature in the form of an electromagnet. A rotary switch called a commutator reverses the direction of the electric current twice every cycle, to flow through the armature so that the poles of the electromagnet push and pull against the permanent magnets on the outside of the motor. As the poles of the armature electromagnet pass the poles of the permanent magnets, the commutator reverses the polarity of the armature electromagnet. During that instant of switching polarity, inertia keeps the classical motor going in the proper direction.
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Baldor DC motors
Reliance DC motors

Highlighted Products
Permanent Magnet RPM XL DC Motor  

Permanent Magnet RPM XL DC Motors are designed for reliability and long life in all variable speed applications. Features include:
-Optimized for power matched performance
-Provides constant torque over a 20:1 speed range with a free wheeling diode
-Double-shielded ball bearings
-Heavy-duty rolled steel frames
-Oversized top mounted conduit box with F1-/F2 conduit connection
Cartridge brush holders with brass inserts and stainless steel springs provide easy access to brushes and assure constant pressure for long brush life


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