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  Applied Industrial Technologies Hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps by Char-Lynn, Eaton and Vickers from Applied Industrial Technologies.
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Hydraulic motors turn fluid power energy into rotary mechanical energy. While all motors create torque at a given speed, the design and construction of a motor will vary. The amount of pressure and the displacement of a motor will determine how much torque is produced while the amount of flow will determine the speed. Radial piston motors can run at very low speeds, down to 3 RPM, and with their larger displacements can produce a tremendous amount of torque. Geroter and reroler motors are best used in applications where the shaft speed required is between 50 and 1000 RPM depending on the industrial motor. Below 50 RPM these motors generally do not run as smooth as would be desired. Axial piston motors can operate at lower speeds but are more efficient at their highest speeds around 1800 RPM. Gear motors operate at much higher speeds up to 3000 RPM. With their smaller displacements, torque is generally less than that of the other types of motors.
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Char-Lynn 101-1001-009 - H Series Low Speed High Torque Gerotor Element Spool Motor  
The original geroter motor designed for low speed, high torque applications. It can generate up to 15 horsepower. Options available on SAE ports and splined and tapered shafts.
Low-speed/high-torque (LSHT) motors are one of the more cost-effective and dependable parts of a hydraulic system. They offer a designer many advantages over a system comprised of a high-speed motor and a gearbox speed reducer. Foremost is the fact that LSHT motors transmit a large amount of power from a comparatively small drive envelope. Low noise and vibration and high energy efficiency can be additional benefits. Rapid reversal of direction may be achieved simply by reversing the direction of hydraulic fluid flow. LSHT motors also exhibit smooth starting torque.

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