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  Applied Industrial Technologies O-rings, metric o-rings, kits and gaskets for industrial applications by Applied Industrial Technologies
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An O Ring is a circle of long-lasting rubber with a round (O-shaped) side view, used as a mechanical seal. They are designed to be seated in a groove and a seal is created at the interface by compression between two or more parts during assembly. They can be used in valves as a face seal and on the inside, as rotating shafts.
The ring functions as a seal through the mechanical twist of the electrometric composite by joining metal surfaces. The zero clearance blocks the liquid or gas from being sealed. The pressure which moves the O-Ring is provided by the mechanical pressure, squeezing of proper gland design, the material selection, and by the system pressure sent in by the fluid itself. The joint may be stationary at times. It has movements, connected between parts and o-ring, such as rotating pump shafts and hydraulic cylinders. The joints having movements are oiled well, to prevent the wear and tear of the o-ring. This happens normally by sealing of fluid.
An O-ring seals through the deformation of the seal material by installation and media pressure, to close off the gap between mating components. Higher system pressures can cause deformation through the gap, known as extrusion, resulting in seal failure. A seal that does not move, except for pulsation caused by cycle pressure, is called a static seal. Those seals that are subjected to movement are dynamic seals. O-rings can be successfully used in static as well as dynamic applications. The rubber O-ring should be considered as an incompressible, viscous fluid having very high surface tension. Dynamic O-rings may fail by abrasion against the cylinder or piston walls. Therefore, the contacting surfaces should be polished for long seal life. Moving O-rings that pass over ports or other surface irregularities while under pressure are quickly damaged. In designing an O-ring seal, there are usually several standard cross sectional sizes available. Selecting the best cross section depends on the application.
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O-Ring Assortment - #ORING KIT BUNA70  
O-rings are 70 durometer nitrile rubber, a popular general purpose elastomer with excellent oil resistance.
This reusable, plastic kit offers easy identification access and includes 382 o-rings in 30 of the most popular sizes, ranging from 006 through 327.

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