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  Applied Industrial Technologies Industrial grease lubricants for heavy pressure commercial applications from Applied Industrial Technologies.
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Greases are semi-solid typesof lubricants which are one of the most widely used lubricants. They are used when the liquid lubricants such as lubricating oils cannot be supplied continuously during the operation of the moving machine parts.
It is a mixture of a lubricant and thickener in the form of thick oil or viscous substance made from animal fat after rendering. Greases are employed in areas where heavy pressure exists in order to decrease the friction between the surfaces which may result in damage by dripping. Most of the greases are made by mixing soap and mineral oil. Greases are a type of pseudo plastic fluid or shear thinning which states that the fluid viscosity gets reduced under the shear. The grease lubricated bearings have good frictional character during the starting period of operation. Because of the temperature increase, the grease melts and gives the effect of oil lubricating bearing.
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SKF LAGD125/WA2 - System 24 Automatic Grease Lubricator  
The SKF System 24 Automatic Grease Lubricator is a 125 mL unit filled w/LGWA 2 Grease to prevent premature failure of bearings. This EP Type lithium complex grease is mineral oil based and features a wide temperature range. The compact, transparent container includes an easy-to-set dispense rate and maintains airtight seal to prevent contamination. Also available in 60 mL (2 oz) size for varying applications where there are moving and sliding parts.

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