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  Applied Industrial Technologies Industrial oil and grease lubricants for machining or food-grade solutions by Sprayon, Loctite and Tri-Flow at Applied Industrial Technologies.
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Lubricants are solid, liquid or semi-solid materials applied between moving parts to make their movement friction free. Right from the day of their discovery, a wide variety of lubricants have been used, depending upon the requirements of the application. The most commonly used lubricants are grease, oils, graphite etc. These materials, when applied over mechanical parts, allow easy movement of another component over it. This helps to prevent the damage caused by abrasion and friction as well as uneven expansion of the components due to heat.
The lubricants form a thin-film or thick-film over the surface of the components between which it is applied. When the parts move, the thick film aids in easy movement by providing a smooth surface. Also, they absorb friction and heat that is generated between moving parts. The difference between thick and thin films is that thick films completely separate the two moving layers while thin-films maintain some contact between the moving parts. Thin-film lubrication is used when the loads are heavy whereas a thick-film is used for high-speed machines, especially reciprocating and oscillating types.
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Dow 3452 550G CRT - 3452 Chemical Resistant Valve Lubricant  
Dow 3452 550G CRT - 3452 Chemical Resistant Valve Lubricant is excellent for lubricating valves and slow moving components exposed to harsh chemicals and solvents. Additional attributes include:
-Resists deterioration by chlorides, solvents, or fuels
-Low speeds
-High loads
-Temperature range from -20 °F to 450 °F (-29 °C to 232 °C)

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