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 Repair Services - Motors

Electric Motors
Our electric motor repair program includes full cleaning, inspection and updating to the latest applicable and copyrighted firmware revisions. This helps to extend the life of products and allows integration with newer parts.

Our qualified partner repairs electric motors from more than 90 manufacturers. Repair or reconditioning is available for AC motors up to 10,000HP and 13.8KV and DC motors up to 5,000HP.

Printed Circuit Boards & Electrical Components
Our repair specialists rebuild, modify or upgrade all makes and models of printed circuit boards, as well as various other electrical components such as PLCs (Programmable Logic Controls) and motor drives. Damage from breaking, burning or just extensive use and wear can be repaired.

Our partners perform comprehensive diagnostic tests on all electrical components, with complete circuit analyses. If needed, LSI parts and memory devices are replaced.

Our repair specialists have in-house, full-load drive testing capabilities up to 125kW/150HP, and extensive ATE capabilities. Flex tests can be performed for intermittents. Input/output tolerances are tested to mimic "real world" applications. Established electrostatic discharge procedures are strictly enforced.

An exchange program is available for some circuit boards.

Servo Motors
Our experienced partner repairs DC and some models of AC servo motors from the following brands:

Allen Bradley
ABB Robotics
BBC – CEM-Parvex
Inland/Industrial Drives
Peerless – Winsmith

All repairs are tested and run on OEM drives. Their warranty failure rate speaks for itself – only .5% failure on over 1800 units per year.

For details, please call your local Applied® service center at 1-877-279-2799.

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