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 Pumps & Seals

Course Number MP-10018

This course covers the basic theory and operation of the most common types of pumps and seals including centrifugal pumps, positive-displacement pumps, mechanical seals and shaft sealing devices. It is ideal for skilled trades workers whose responsibilities involve pumps and seals. Participants will learn the basic concepts involved in the maintenance and troubleshooting of pumps and seals, including wear, overhaul, packing and alignment.

Benefits of this training include the ability to:
• Explain the basic concept and types of commonly used pumps
• Identify the parts of a pump and their function
• Identify the factors that affect pump performance
• Explain the purpose of packing
• Describe the purpose and operation of commonly used seals
• State the basic processes to troubleshoot pumps and seals

Duration: 8 hours

For more information, contact your local service center at 877-279-2799 or email us at applied@maintpro.com

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