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Increase Bearing Life – Minimize Downtime and Replacement Costs

Garlock Split Guardian™ Bearing Isolator   

More than 90% of bearing failures are caused by contamination. Extend bearing life and minimize your costs with the first fully unitized split isolator. The unique design of this isolator allows you to install and replace the seal without having to tear down equipment, which saves both time and money.  

Engineered unitizing ring eliminates metal to metal contact, while maintaining the correct clearance between rotor and stator. The two halves are placed around the shaft and then pressed into the housing. Alignment pins allow for ease of installation. Standard fluroelastomer o-rings on the rotor and stator provide optimal compression needed for an effective seal. 

If you're using a lip seal or another bearing isolator, compare the Guardian Split Bearing Isolator's benefits with your brand to make the best choice for your bearing protection.

In addition to the dynamic new Split Guardian, Garlock’s extensive line of isolators includes the MICRO-TEC II, with a special built-in filter ideal in areas where heavy airborne contaminants are present, as well as the rugged Guardian

White Paper (courtesy of Garlock Klozure):

Bearing Isolators - Meeting Tough Demands!

available in a broad range of configurations. Both of these products are ideally suited to provide optimal bearing protection on all your pumps and motors. 

To order, contact your nearest Applied® service center at 1-877-279-2799.

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