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Technical Information

Reduce Premature Thrust Bearing Failure

MRC PumPac® Bearings by SKF

PumPac is an MRC bearing system designed as a unique solution to the common problem of premature thrust bearing failures in high speed centrifugal pumps, as well as other applications where duplexed angular contact ball bearings are used. PumPac is a matched set of bearings, consisting of a 40 degree angular contact ball bearing mounted back-to-back with a 15 degree contact-angle bearing. The 40 degree contact-angle bearing supports the primary thrust load during operation, while the 15 degree contact-angle bearing handles reverse thrust during start-up and shut down, as well as supporting radial loads during normal operation.

PumPac bearings are manufactured with special machined bronze cages and are high-temperature stabilized. By using the PumPac system, ball sliding and shuttling are virtually eliminated, resulting in lower operating temperatures, stable oil viscosity, consistent oil film thickness and longer service life.

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