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 Prevent Premature Bearing Failure with Precise Lubrication

FAG Intrinsically Safe Automatic Lubricators 

Any bearing will fail prematurely if it is not properly lubricated. And the most common cause of bearing failure? Improper lubrication.  

FAG’s electrochemical intrinsically safe automatic lubricator provides precise and continuous lubrication using a practical bladder principle.  

How it works:
The bladder expands inside its housing through the formation of gas. A triggering screw in the rear of the unit drops an activating pellet into a liquid electrolyte to create pressure through a chemical reaction. This pressure causes the bladder to push a piston forward and continuously dispense grease into a lubrication point. The length of time it takes to empty the unit (which holds approximately 100 shots of grease) is controlled by the use of different triggering screws for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The activation screw and pellet along with the ambient temperature determine how rapidly the chemical reaction builds up pressure to regulate how quickly the lubricant is dispensed.

All lubricators are cost effective and easy to install.

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