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 Protective Eyewear

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that more than 2,000 people injure their eyes at work each day. About 1 in 10 injuries require one or more missed workdays to recover from. Of the total amount of work-related injuries, 10-20% will cause temporary or permanent vision loss. 

» FYI: Experts believe that the proper eye protection can lessened the severity or even prevent 90% of eye injuries in accidents.
Common eye and face injury causes:
  • Flying objects (bits of metal, glass)
  • Tools
  • Particles
  • Chemicals
  • Harmful radiation
  • Any combination of these or other hazards
    source: Prevent Blindness America

Applied® Product Suggestions:

Crews® Klondike® Protective Eyewear

Unique 11 base curve to offer a better seal around the eye orbit and side protection far superior to any glass today.
  • Three position adjustable temple for a better fit
  • Durable gel nosepieces
  • Ultra-lightweight for comfort and balance
  • Compliances
  • ANSI Z87.1

  • UVEX® Bionic® Shield Faceshield



  • Enhanced protection from airborne debris 
  • Excellent optics and increased visibility
  • Easily replaceable visor with dual position choices
  • Secure visor attachment
  • Lightweight and balanced, ergonomic design for extended use
  • Comfortable cell foam on back of headgear
  • Breathable, removable, washable headband
  • Black matte finish
  • Comfortably worn with most goggles and respirators
  • Faceshield offers secondary protection and must be worn with 
        spectacles or goggles
  • 100% dielectric and no metal parts
  • Extended chin and top-of-head protection
  • 2,784 possible positions
  • Highly-adjustable headgear tilts visor nearer or farther from face 
        depending on preference and application
  • Applications
  • Perfect for workers exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, 
        chemical splash, and airborne debris
  • Used for most indoor work applications
  • Browse our selection of protective eyewear

    Browse our selection of protective headgear and faceshields


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