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 Full Body Garments / Protective Clothing

In some cases, workers must shield most or all of their bodies against hazards in the workplace, such as exposure to heat and radiation as well as hot metals, scalding liquids, body fluids, hazardous materials or waste, and other hazards. In addition to fire-retardant wool and fire-retardant cotton, materials used in whole-body personal protection equipment include rubber, leather, synthetics and plastic. 
Source: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Applied® Product Suggestions: 

Kimberly-Clark Professional* Kleenguard* A20 Breathable Particle Protection Coverall

  • Seamless front provides more protection in the primary exposure areas
  • Zipper flap
  • Breathable, patented MICROFORCE* Barrier SMS Fabric
  • Patented REFLEX* design
  • Applications
  • Ideal for manufacturing and food processing areas
  • Compliances
  • NFPA 99-compliant, antistatic material
  • *Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc. 

    Kimberly-Clark Professional* Kleenguard* A40 Liquid & Particle Protection Coverall

  • Zipper front
  • Better liquid barrier, better particulate barrier, lower in lint than TYVEK®
  • Compliances
  • NFPA 99-compliant, antistatic material
  • Passes ASTM F1670 testing for penetration of blood and body fluids
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA 101-1996 sizing standard
  • *Trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.

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