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 Floor Matting
Follow these tips from the U.S. Department of Labor for reducing slips and falls:
  • Ensure spills are reported and cleaned up immediately
  • Use no-skid waxes and surfaces coated with grit to create non-slip surfaces in slippery areas such as bathrooms or entryways
  • Use waterproof footgear to decrease slip/fall hazards
  • Use only properly maintained ladders to reach items; do not use stools, chairs, or boxes as substitutes for ladders
  • Re-lay or stretch carpets that bulge or have become bunched to prevent tripping hazards
  • Use prudent housekeeping procedures such as cleaning only one side of a passageway at a time, and provide good lighting for all halls and stairwells, to help reduce accidents
  • Provide adequate lighting especially during night hours
  • Eliminate uneven floor surfaces

Applied® Product Suggestions:

3MTM Safety-WalkTM General Purpose Tread 610

  • Mineral-coated, slip-resistant material features a highly-durable surface
  • Low-profile design reduces trip hazard

  • Browse our selection of entrance and industrial mats and matting

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