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Documented Value Added® (DVA®) Services

At Applied Industrial Technologies, we work hard to support our customers, to bring you value you can’t get anywhere else and to do our best to make you a success. And, we not only promote value, but we also document it.

Through the Applied® DVA process, our customers have realized more than $2 billion in documented value added savings. DVA is a proprietary software package our associates use to track and report value-added services on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Knowing and understanding this data enables our representatives to help you think strategically when it comes to fixing a problem.

While the price for MRO components is often the most visible means of reducing production costs, many underlying costs can be minimized to increase a facility’s profitability. Our field representatives are able to calculate savings resulting from improved product life, reduced maintenance and labor costs, reduced energy consumption, lower cost product substitutions, reduced inventory investment and a host of transactional savings. True savings go right to the bottom line in improved product output or direct savings to your operation.

We have identified eight major cost-saving categories for documentation:
   > Increased productivity/uptime
   > Energy savings
   > Reduction of maintenance costs
   > Value added services and quality processes
   > Inventory optimization/management
   > Transaction cost savings
   > Technical support/training
   > Price savings

Whether we help you install energy efficient motors, implement a storeroom management systems or provide you with technical training, DVA documents the hard numbers that impact your bottom line. Many customers find the reports to be invaluable in demonstrating real cost savings to their company leaders. Learn how we've saved our customers money by doing business with Applied®.

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