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DVA Case Histories

DVA® Case HistoriesEnhance your operations. Document your savings. Improve your bottom line. Call your local service center at 1-877-279-2799 to find out how you can save by doing business with Applied.

The Applied® Documented Value Added® (DVA®) process is value at its finest. Many customers have benefited from this process, and a host of case studies support its success.

> Increased Production
A leading manufacturer of engineered lumber products was faced with shutting down an entire line for repair whenever a hose or valve failed.

Solution: Applied® was able to reconfigure the hoses and valves. By isolating each piece, the customer is able to operate even if one fails.

Savings: Customer has experienced documented savings of $17,659

> Reduced Maintenance Costs
Situation: A large pharmaceutical company was looking for better ways to lubricate their larger air handling equipment.

Solution: Applied® worked with one of our suppliers to implement the use of new lubricators.

Savings: For a period running July through March, the company experienced $52,158 in cost savings.

> Inventory Optimization/Management
Situation: On a monthly basis, a manufacturing company specializing in precision machining and assembly relied on their stock for a large quantity of a specific bearing.

Solution: Applied® manages the stock they need at our local service center saving them time, worry and overhead costs.

Savings: Because the customer does not have to stock the product, it saves them nearly $42,600 annually.

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