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 Prevent Inefficiency in Compressed Air Systems With Thread Sealants

Leakage is the major cause of inefficiency in compressed air systems. A typical system under constant operation with only a ¼” leak can cost an average of $8,300 per year in lost energy.

Loctite® 565™ PST® and Loctite® 567™ PST®
Thread Sealants seal air lines while allowing for post-assembly adjustments. Both products withstand temperatures up to 400° F and seal at operating pressures up to 10,000 psi without cracking or shrinking. Loctite® 545™ Thread Sealant for hydraulic and pneumatic fittings is used in high-pressure fluid systems with tapered fittings.

Call your Applied® Account Manager to help conduct a compressed air system assessment at your facility.

Case Study

A large U.S. manufacturer was facing increased costs due to energy loss and man-hours spent tightening contact lugs. Sixteen three-phase motors averaged 480 HP at 30 amps, with typical energy costs at $.065 per kilowatt-hour. The electric contact lugs coming loose through vibration and harmonic loosening were accounting for an energy loss of about 13%, and were consuming as much as eight man hours per week to re-tighten them. The cost in dollars was calculated to be approximately $250 per motor, per year. An Applied®/Loctite® plant assessment discovered the efficiency problem and through a one-time maintenance program, the plant now saves a total of $4,000 each year.

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