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 Additional Energy Saving Tools from Goodyear

Laser Alignment Tool

Goodyear’s Laser Alignment Tool improves both accuracy and efficiency of operation, whether installing new belt drives or maintaining existing ones. The tool attaches in seconds, and users easily see the laser line projected onto targets. When the laser line lies in the slits of the target, the pulleys/sprockets are correctly positioned. The result is fast and precise alignment.

Sheave Gauges

Eroded pulley sidewalls can cause up to a 12 percent loss in v-belt drive efficiency. In addition, rough and worn pulley sidewalls can result in a 50 percent reduction in belt life. Ask your Applied® Account Manager how a sheave gauge can help in your overall system efficiency improvements.

MAXIMIZER™ Drive Selection Analysis Program

Maximizer allows the user to have Goodyear belt specifications and information right at their fingertips. The program matches specified belts, sprockets, pulleys and bushings to design the most efficient drive possible. Ask for the Maximizer program at your local Applied® service center.



Improper tensioning leads to inefficient power transmission, belt failure and associated increases in cost. Unless your belt is running at optimum tension, you’re sacrificing time and money.

The TensionRite, designed strictly for use on Goodyear banded classical and wedge belts, offers 93% belt tensioning accuracy. Simply adhere a plastic strip to the belt during installation, check the correct tension listed on the back of the TensionRite™ card, and tighten the belt. When the desired setting is reached, it will be indicated on the gauge window. It’s that fast and that easy. Ask your Applied® Account Manager for a FREE TensionRite Gauge with every v-belt purchase.

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