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 Case Studies - Energy Efficiency

Applied Industrial Technologies is not only committed to saving you energy costs, we document it too as part of our Documented Value Added® (DVA®) process. DVA is a proprietary software package our associates use to track and report value-added services on a regular basis. Through the Applied DVA process, our customers have acknowledged more than $2 billion in documented savings, many of them energy reduction opportunities that you also might enjoy.

DVA Case Studies:


A property management company requested assistance with the identification and replacement of an electric motor that did not have a nameplate. Applied® identified the proper motor for replacement, recognizing that a NEMA Premium model would reduce the customer’s energy consumption. The customer has verified an annual energy
savings of $625.

A manufacturer of building products contacted Applied for assistance converting their standard efficiency motors to NEMA Premium models. While this project is ongoing, the customer confirmed that first year energy savings reached $9,000.

A beverage producer contacted Applied when they needed a replacement motor for a refrigeration pump. A 150 horsepower standard efficiency motor was replaced with a premium efficient model. Annual energy savings, validated by the customer, totaled $3,165.



A wastewater treatment plant contacted Applied to replace 10 motors and gearbox units on their primary tank. The plant’s existing gearing was only 34% efficient, therefore presented a great opportunity to increase efficiency and lower energy consumption. Applied proposed gearing replacements which were 95% efficient. We were also able to specify lower horsepower motors to further reduce energy costs. The customer disclosed a first year energy
savings of $5,794.

Applied worked with a paper mill customer to increase efficiency and reduce electrical costs in a chip bin drive. Applied replaced 87% efficient worm gearing with 97% efficient helical gearing. The customer recognized reduced annual energy costs totaling $2,795.


Variable Frequency Drives

Applied worked with an aluminum forger to regulate the temperature of an oven application by using a variable frequency drive. Energy savings for the first year totaled $500.

A boat motor manufacturer contacted Applied about energy consumed on a die cast machine. After the installation of two variable frequency drives, energy savings were calculated at $12,000.


Soft Start Controllers

A lighting systems company contacted Applied to discuss ways of increasing v-belt life on a fan application. The Applied representative recommended a soft start that decreased stress on the system so significantly that belts lasting four months are now lasting well over a year. Total product and energy savings totals $5,000.



A pharmaceutical customer was reviewing options for increasing efficiency on 44 air supply and return fan drives. Applied recommended converting all v-belts to Goodyear’s Eagle Pd® synchronous belts. Each drive realized a major reduction in energy consumption and a yearly cost savings ranging from $1,200 to $2,700. The customer confirmed that energy savings for the first year totaled $64,584.

A paper mill contacted Applied about a belt drive application that was failing every two weeks on an exhaust fan. Because of extreme temperatures and inefficiency, Applied recommended Goodyear’s Eagle Pd synchronous belt. This solution eliminated the cost of maintenance every two weeks as well as increased efficiency in this application. The paper mill now recognizes an annual energy cost reduction of $3,150.

To lower energy consumption, an Applied Account Manager worked with his food-processing customer to convert all v-belts on HVAC fan drives to synchronous belts. According to the customer, this simple change saves $17,612 in annual energy savings.


Thread Sealants

A large manufacturer was facing increased costs due to energy loss and man-hours spent tightening contact lugs on 16 motors. The contact lugs coming loose through vibration and harmonic loosening were accounting for an energy loss of about 13%, and were consuming as much as eight man hours per week to re-tighten them. The cost in dollars was calculated to be approximately $250 per motor, per year. An Applied plant assessment discovered the efficiency problem and the plant now saves a total of $4,000 each year.

Applied can help you reach maximum energy efficiency in your systems.
Contact your Applied Account Manager today at 1-877-279-2799.

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