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 StatusCheckā„¢ Wireless Condition Monitoring System

SCVT599301 100mW End Node, Standard Length

SCVT599308 100mW DC Router/Controller w/ USB Interface

SCVT599309 100mW AC Router/Controller w/ Ethernet Interface

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The Timken StatusCheck condition monitoring system is a unique wireless system designed to detect excessive levels of temperature and vibration that could lead to overheating and breakdown of critical equipment. It provides a cost-effective method to report these increases in real time, providing you with an opportunity to correct a potential problem before it becomes critical. It allows you to take corrective action prior to machine failures, helping to prevent damage, expensive repairs, and prolonged downtime.

Commonly, when a bearing, gear or other critical machine element becomes worn, contaminated, damaged or is lacking lubrication, the component and/or the machine itself will experience an increase in temperature and vibration. The StatusCheck system can accurately sense and report these increases. This allows you to take corrective action prior to failures – helping to prevent machine damage, expensive repairs and prolonged downtime.

StatusCheck is offered in two versions: the standard unit and an intrinsically safe version. The intrinsically safe version comes with its own battery and accompanying circuitry that is incapable of creating a spark that could ignite fl ammable gas, helping customers ensure a safe and productive work environment.

The StatusCheck transmitter is self-contained with its own internal power source, electronics and sensors. It attaches directly to the outer frame of a machine and uses wireless RF communications to transmit vibration and temperature readings from the machine.

With this system, multiple StatusCheck transmitters (up to 100) can be in use on one or more machines, all of which send signals back to a common central receiver. This receiver is connected to a PC to display the data and Timken StatusCheck software displays real-time data, logs information and triggers alarms when thresholds are exceeded. Alarms can generate e-mails that can be routed to pagers, cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs) for maintenance notification.

• Wireless configuration
• Flexible software with adjustable alarm thresholds
• Dual mounting (magnetic or threaded)
• Contact temperature probe
• Two-axis vibration detection
• Measures acceleration and velocity
• Suitable for industrial environments
• Multiple connectivity options
• Open database format

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