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 Achieve Energy Savings with Motors

MotorsThe average motor consumes 50 to 60 times its initial purchase price in electricity during an average 10-year service life. As such, motor selection can significantly impact your plant’s utility bill. And as energy costs continue to rise, energy hogging motors will cost you more and more.

The solution? Invest in motors manufactured to NEMA Premium® standards. The NEMA Premium label is available through most motor manufacturers and helps you optimize efficiency, reduce electrical power costs and improve system reliability. A relatively small up front investment will pay back quickly and also pay dividends in energy savings for years and years to come. The savings are so significant, it can be worthwhile to replace fully serviceable standard efficiency motors. 

Contact Applied® at 1-877-279-2799 to discuss NEMA Premium products best for your application.
A manufacturer of building products contacted Applied for assistance converting their standard efficiency motors to NEMA Premium models. While this project is ongoing, the customer confirmed that first year energy savings reached $9,000.

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