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 Achieve Energy Savings with Soft Starts

Soft StartsA soft start is used to temporarily reduce motor load and torque during startup. Instead of applying the full voltage available to start the motor when powered on, a soft starter ramps up voltage according to the application.
A soft start reduces mechanical stress on the motor, decreases energy consumption and extends the system’s service life. Soft starts are useful for conveyors, fans, pumps and any equipment where starting or stopping at full speed might damage the product being moved.
Contact Applied® at 1-877-279-2799 to discuss the soft starts that are best for your application.

A lighting systems company contacted Applied® to discuss ways of increasing v-belt life on a fan application. The Applied representative recommended a soft start that decreased stress on the system so significantly that belts lasting four months are now lasting well over a year. Total product and energy savings totals $5,000. 


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