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 Achieve Energy Savings with Belting

A properly designed belt transmission system is highly efficient, quiet and requires minimal maintenance. Certain types of belts, however, are more efficient than others, offering maximum drive performance.

The majority of belt drives use v-belts, which lose efficiency because they are not properly tensioned over time. Cogged belts run cooler, last longer and are about 2% more efficient than standard v-belts. Synchronous belts, however, are your most efficient option. These belts are toothed and require the installation of mating toothed drive sprockets. Synchronous belts are approximately 98% efficient and maintain that efficiency over a wide load range.

Contact Applied® at 1-877-279-2799 to discuss the belting that is best for your application.

To lower energy consumption, an Applied® Account Manager worked with his food-processing customer to convert all v-belts on HVAC fan drives to synchronous belts. According to the customer, this simple change saves $17,612 in annual energy savings. 


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