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AddiDrive™ CreepDrive

Overview: a hybrid mechanical/hydraulic transmission dedicated to vehicles driving at normal highway speeds while working at slow speeds between 0 and 10 km/h. In transport mode, the mechanical transmission operates as usual.  In “creep mode,” the mechanical transmission is de-clutched and the hydraulic transmission is engaged, providing smooth and perfectly controllable ground speeds. Without having to repeatedly modulate the clutch, gear selection and brakes to optimize ground speed, there is less wear on the mechanical drive-train parts, fuel savings, and reduced emissions.


  • The Market
  • The Poclain Hydraulics Technical Solution
  • Comparison with a Traditional Mechanical Transmission

The Market:
AddiDrive™ CreepDrive is designed for vehicles that work at very low speeds but travel at normal speeds on-road. The annual accumulated quantities of these vehicles are significant and their environmental impact is real, even if it receives little media coverage. 

 Vehicle TypeEstimated Quantity in 2006
Road striper vehicle (road marking)1,500
Concrete mixer30,000
Sprayer – grit spreader4,000
Street sprayer / cleaner2,000
Railroad combination vehicle3,000
Airplane de-icing vehicle1,300
Asphalt laying machine3,000
Works inspection vehicle600
Asphalt repair vehicle1,200
Garbage trucks30,000

 The Poclain Hydraulics Technical Solution: AddiDrive™ CreepDrive

The proposed system: a single component enables you to shift from a mechanical to a hydraulic transmission.

AddiDrive CreepDrive a hybrid mechanical hydraulic transmission1 – Engine
2 – PTO Gearbox
3 – Variable Displacement Pump
4 – CreepDrive Motor

The heart of the AddiDrive™ CreepDrive: CM170-050 Hydraulic Motor

  CDM 170-050 integrates a cam-lobe radial-piston hydraulic motor that is activated by a pneumatic clutch

The CDM 170-050 integrates a cam-lobe radial-piston hydraulic motor that is activated by a pneumatic clutch.

Used at speeds lower than 10 km/h it delivers 40 kW at maximum power, with a displacement of up to 1000 cc. Being compact and light-weight (124 kg), it can easily be inserted onto transmission shafts.

Comparison with a Traditional Mechanical Transmission:


AddiDrive™ CreepDriveTraditional Mechanical Transmissions
No stress on the transmission clutch or service brakesLarge amount of stress on the clutch and brakes at low speeds therefore the emission of particulate matter from the brakes
Independence between the speed of the combustion engine and that of the vehicle speed lead to a reduction in fuel consumptionHigh engine speed at low road speeds lead to a high fuel consumption
Noise reduction thanks to constant engine RPM’sNoise pollution due to the increases and decreases in engine RPM’s
Allows the combustion engine’s performances to be optimised at high speeds, thus reducing losses and limiting consumptionThe combustion engine is sized to operate at both low and high speeds and thus releases more pollution at low speeds.
 Hydrostatic braking, acting as an integral retarder without using the service brakes or separate retarderFriction braking wear

To learn more about AddiDrive™ CreepDrive, contact your Spencer Fluid Power representative today 800-367-5646. 

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