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Spencer Fluid Power Engineers Dragline Door System

Spencer Fluid Power Engineers Dragline Door System you tube video
Rear End of Dragline

In the mining industry, dragline systems are used to help dig up coal and other material out of the ground. The draglines are a critical part of open pit coal mining as they are used to quickly remove the overburden, thus exposing the coal seam. The coal seam is then blasted. Shovels are used to load the coal into haul trucks which carry the coal to the crushers and loadout facilities where it is loaded onto trains for transport. When all the coal in the seam has been removed, the draglines are then used to backfill the pit.  The mine then uses previously recorded aerial photos and previously recorded elevations taken by surveyors to reclaim the pit, making it match the landscape as it appeared previous to having been mined. It is incredible how well the mines match the landscape; within just a year or so, you cannot tell they mined the area.

A Spencer Fluid Power customer was looking for a hydraulic door system for a dragline as featured above. In this case, Spencer Fluid Power used Inventor to design all the custom linkages, to model the door, the cylinder and to prove the kinematics were correct. This helped to ensure that the door opens and closes as proposed. So, when the dragline needs service, they will be able to safely and quickly access the innards of the dragline. Whether it is changing ropes, generator/motor sets, they need those doors to open without a hitch.

The video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wObUXuDgS4c) shows the animation of the drawing created by Spencer Fluid Power.  


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