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Planetary Speed Reducers

Applications - Heco Gear manufactures Planetary Speed Reducers that are applied in swing drives, wheel drives,
conveyor drives, winch drives, mixers, augers and numerous other types of applications. Heco speed reducers can be used in a broad spectrum of industries including construction, refuse, primary metals, food processing, oil field, forestry, agriculture, aerospace, marine, fishing, material handling and mobile equipment.

Products - Heco speed reducers are matched with a low speed high torque hydraulic motor (LSHT), to increase the
available torque output while decreasing its output speed. Large expensive hydraulic motors can be replaced with
smaller, less expensive motors and a Heco reducer, resulting in cost savings and in most cases an increase in usable
torque. Bearingless motors are commonly used with Heco reducers.


Heco Model1616D25 25D 5050D52D 
Max Speed (rpm)*450852502509575200754040
Continuous30,000 85,000     140,000   
Intermittent45,000  110,000    160,000   
Peak60,000  135,000    180,000   
Radial Load (lbs) 20,000  30,000    40,000   

 * Maximum speed reducer life in high torque applications will be achieved at lower output speeds.
Conversely maximum speed reducer life in high speed applications will be achieved at lower output torques.


Heco Gear Planetary Speed Reducers

To order Planetary Speed Reducers, contact your Spencer Fluid Power representative today 800-367-5646.  



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