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Permco Replacement Parts

  • Permco's products are easily serviced in the field.
  • They are covered in complete detail by service instructions which are fully illustrated and considered to be among the best in the industry.

No matter what your application -- whether it be agricultural equipment, construction equipment, oil field equipment, mining machinery, waste disposal equipment or industrial machinery Permco provides a high quality product that will meet your needs.

Precision manufacturing and solid engineering experience are the key's to Permco's long-standing reputation for quality and durability.

Here are just a few of the techniques and innovations that make permco pumps and motors a better value.

Castings - Housings, port-end covers, shaft-end covers

Permco uses a special iron alloy for shaft covers, gear housings, bearing carriers and port-end covers. The added strength and quality due to this extra care in metallurgy assures more hours of trouble-free running for your pump or motor.
Permco Castings

Gears and Shafts

Gears/Shafts for Permco pumps and motors are cut in our own plant to extremely close tolerances. Gear width tolerances are held to 0.0003" with backlash held to a minimum of 0.003" to 0.006". To prevent leakage caused by the common "crowning" effect. Permco shapes gears rather than hobbing and shaving them. This gives a true involute profile for the full length of each gear tooth, assuring maximum volumetric operation, no headaches with hand matched gear sets and longer operating time without rebuilding.
Permco Gear Shafts

Thrust Plates

Permco uses a high density bronze alloy in all of their thrust plates. The better wearing characteristics of this alloy assure more hours of pump or motor service without the need for costly rebuilding and replacement of thrust plates.

Permco Thrust Plates

Miscellaneous components

Whether you are purchasing replacement filters and elements or rebuilding your Permco unit after years of solid service, you will find that our replacement parts will keep your investment running for years to come.

To order the Permco Replacement Parts motor, contact your Spencer Fluid Power representative today 800-367-5646.  


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