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 Prevent Premature Bearing Failure

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The SKF SYSTEM 24 LAGE Series features electromechanical single point lubricators that offer a simple and flexible solution to a wide variety of lubrication requirements, optimizing the performance and reliability of industrial equipment. The LAGE Series lubricators consist of a drive unit, battery pack, and a lubricant canister with support flange.

When activated, a piston dispenses the lubricant at up to 5 bar, ensuring equipment receives the correct amount of lubrication at the proper intervals: either 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. The oil or grease can be applied either directly onto the component requiring lubrication, or through a tube that enables remote mounting and flexible installation.  

  • Supplied ready to use, the LAGE Series lubricators are extremely easy to install and activate, with no special training required, keeping costs down.
  • Programming the units to meet the specific requirements of an application is also simple, using SKF DialSet Version 4.0 software, which is now available in a wide variety of languages.
  • LAGE Series lubricators minimize the environmental impact of lubrication, with purpose designed refills available, consisting of an SKF lubricant canister and replacement battery pack. 
  • The dispense rate of the lubricators is unaffected by temperature, the units can be used in a wide range of demanding industrial environments.

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Product Benefits
Good for changing environments
Remounting for high/low temperatures, hazardous locations, high vibration
UL listed
Product Range
5 of the most common center cut greases
3 of the most common center cut oils
Electric Motors
Fans and Blowers
Food and Beverage
General Manufacturing
Pulp and Paper

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