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Applied Industrial Technologies offers numerous industrial and maintenance products that are necessary for bridge construction projects.

Enerpac Cylinders

Enerpac manufactures a variety of hydraulic cylinders and related products to simplify bridge construction. Some typical bridge construction applications include:

CLSG-Series, Single-Acting High Tonnage Cylinders

Eight cylinders equipped with tilting
saddles lift the planking of a bridge
as pierheads are being rebuilt.

RRH-Series, Double-Acting Hollow Plunger Cylinders

Double-acting hollow plunger
cylinders are applied for bridge
launching systems.

CLRG-Series, Double-Acting High Tonnage Cylinders
CLRG-Series cylinders support and position these automobile deck elements.

Replacing adjustment rolls under a fly-over with CLRG cylinders, for controlled lifting and lowering.

CLL-Series, Single-Acting Lock Nut Cylinders
For this curved bridge, CLL-Series cylinders are used to support the concrete beams to level the pierhead and to place 4000-ton slide bearings between pier and pierhead.
CLL cylinder, mechanically locked, after positioning the curved bridge.

For more information or to order Enerpac products, call your local Applied® service center.

Download Enerpac Construction Brochure (1362kb PDF)

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