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Barksdale Differential Switches 

Why Use Barksdale Differential Switches

Filtration Systems:
Monitoring Filter Efficiency


Filtration systems require constant monitoring to maintain an optimal level of system performance. The most widely used method of checking filter condition is to measure pressure drop across the filter. As the filters do their job and accumulate dust and dirt, there is a reduction in flow that causes a greater differential pressure across the filter that is detected by a differential pressure switch. The DPD1T differential pressure switches open/close an alarm circuit, thus alerting the operator that the filter has reached the tolerable limit of its effective life span, preventing potential system failure or shut-down condition.

The DPD1T offers superior accuracy in a robust package, making it an ideal solution to your industrial pressure control needs. This switch is ideal for applications requiring water-tight, NEMA 4 housings, a covered terminal strip and tamper-proof external adjustment. With adjustable pressure ranges up to 150 psi, the DPD1T is suitable for use in either positive pressure or vacuum applications and is available in single-circuit or dual-circuit models. 

Fail Safe OperationSingle pole double throw (SPDT) contactWired normally open or normally closed to make or break circuit based on rising or falling pressure
Operation in high RFI/EMI environmentsSimple mechanical contact closure, no analog signal  RFI and EMI sources have no affect on switch
Agency approvalsIncorporates UL, CSA and PED approvalsEasier to obtain system level approval when using approved components


Did you know...

the working range of the DPD1T may be extended to 400 psi? This is true of any given adjustable range, provided the maximum differential pressure (proof) is not exceeded. The same rule applies to vacuum ranges, with working range extended to 30 In. Hg.

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