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Vehicle Controls and Sensors for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Applications

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Because medium and heavy-duty trucks require innovative, high performance products, Spencer Fluid Power offers a wide range of Eaton vehicle controls and sensor products that are durable, flexible and fully customizable.

Did you know that the harness is one of the most complex and costly assemblies in a vehicle? Eaton’s multiplexing solution eases configuration,decreases costly harness wires and the number of connection points by using digital communications, thus reducing the weight of the vehicle, the complexity of assembly, and simplifying debugging. Less wiring means more space in the cab, as well as increased cost savings for installation.

With the increased demand of multiplexing, there is an increased need for low current electromechanical switches that communicate to vehicle body controllers. Spencer Fluid Power offers efficient Eaton electromechanical switches complementary in style to the multiplex switch module designs. In addition, sensors with embedded logic can reduce the cost and complexity of vehicle control systems. The onboard logic capability of modern sensors can diminish cabling complexity and control system I/O count, reducing the overall installed cost of a sensing and control solution.

Such innovative Eaton solutions include:

  • Electronic multiplex switch module (eSM)
  • Electronic vehicle display (eVu)
  • New generation rockers (NGR)
  • AccuProxT\
  • iProx
  • Sealed Vehicle Rocker (SVR)


The diversity of the truck market demands options from sensor and control products, including late point definition, locking rockers, indicators that match switch styles, gang-mounting units with one panel cutout, a broad range of sensor connectivity options, easy-to-install sensors that simplify wiring and a range of sensors with industry-standard housings to simplify mounting requirements and allow for easy reconfiguration.

Eaton engineers ergonomical total flexible control and sensor solutions with these options in mind, including:

  • NGR
  • eSM
  • Full line of connectivity products
  • Quick-turn modified sensors
  • Industry-standard tubular and
  • NEMA®-style sensor products
  • Inductive proximity sensors with auto-configure outputs

High performance
Because the truck market requires durable, reliable products for maximized uptime, Spencer Fluid Power offers Eaton switches that survive the harshest and most difficult applications anywhere on-board a vehicle in any operating environment. Eaton also offers sensors with long operating ranges to increase the survivability of the sensor by increasing the distance between the sensor and the target.

  • eSM
  • NGR
  • Mechanical limit switches and inductive proximity sensors
  • Broad range of inductive and optical sensors

In vehicle applications, it’s necessary for switches and sensors to have a unique look and feel, so that medium- and heavy-duty truck lines have a cohesive look that stands apart from other vehicles. Soencer Fluid Power can customize any Eaton switches by using platform engineering to adapt products to meet specific design needs. Eaton’s sensors and limit switches can be modified or fully customized to meet the exact needs of any application.

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