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Durst 1PD09 Pump Drives

Targeted Applications

  • Agricultural, Construction, Forestry, Industrial, Mining, and Power Generation
  • New Tier 4 engines
Durst 1PD09 Pump Drive Features

Modular Design – bearings and gears are self-contained within the housings. Adapter groups are not required for assembly of gearbox.

SOS Spur Gears – (solid on shaft) one-piece gear/shaft design provides consistent and uniform alignment. Reduces the total number of parts. One-piece design simplifies assembly.
Improved Durability – oil passages built into the housings, along with bearing design, create constant oil flow across splines and through bearings, resulting in longer trouble-free operation. This wet spline feature is patented (No. 7,152,711).
Simplicity – the single seal, bearing, gear, and adapter group design, already available across the entire Durst Pump Drive product line, is easy to assemble and service.

Durst 1PD09 Pump Drive Benefits

  • High Rating – gear geometry (AGMA class 10) and large ball bearing design, result in high horsepower and torque rating.
  • Serviceability – does not require pressing shafts through housings and gears in order to assemble. Ball bearings do not require special shimming in order to set end play. Pump pads and input adapters can be easily changed without disturbing bearings.
  • Availability – Commonality of parts and shorter assembly time, results in quicker turn-a-round. Immediately available from stocking distributors or from the factory.
Durst 1PD09 Pump Drive Specifications
9” Drop Gear CentersDimensions: 7.6”D x 16.6”W x 25.6”H
815 Hp @ 2500 rpmDesigned to SAE and AGMA standards
1,710 lb-ft TorqueSingle Output
Ratios from 1:1 to 2:1Estimated Weight: 325 lbs


Durst 1PD09 Pump Drives

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