AAA Products - Hydraulic Directional Control Valves & High-Flow Air Valves Up To 2"ports

Advance Technology Products - Water Removing Filters & Other Moisture Control Products

Aeroquip, Div. of Eaton - Hydraulic Hose, Hose Ends, Adapters, Fittings, Couplings & Quick Disconnects

Air-Dro, Div. of Eaton - N.F.P.A. Interchangeable & Heavy-Duty Mill-Type Cylinders

Airoyal - Small Bore Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

Air Sentry - See Fluid Protection Corp.

Air/Tak - After Coolers, Filters/Drains, Air Dryers, Fluid Cooling Systems & Chillers

Air-Way - Hydraulic Fittings

American Industrial Heat Transfer - Air & Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

Anchor Flange - Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Flanges

Anker-Holth - Heavy-Duty Mill-Type Cylinders

Apitech, Parker-Hydraulic Valve Div. - Hydraulic Proportional Valves & Electronic Controls

ARO - Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Pneumatic Valves & Cylinders

Arrow Pneumatics - Filters, Regulators, Lubricators & Dryers

Assured Automation - Ball Valves

Auburn Gear - Planetary gearing

Atchley, Div. of Moog - Servo Valves

Aurora - Small Bore Brass, Aluminum & S.S. Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

Ausco - Hydraulic Fail Safe Brakes

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J. S. Barnes - See Haldex Barnes

Baldor - Electric Motors

Behringer - Stauff Interchangeable Clamps, Filter Elements & Ball Valves

Ber-Low, Division of Haskel - See Butech

Bloom - Winches, Speed Reducers

Bosch - (only Gurnee, IL branch) Pumps, Motors, Valves, Manifolds, Power Units, Filters, Transducers, Accumulators, ISO Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders 

Brand - Directional Valves, Relief Valves & Flow Control Valves

Brennan - Tube and Pipe Fittings

Brevini USA - Planetary Gearboxes

BSF - Motor Pump Mounts

Butech, Division of Haskel - Super High-Pressure Fittings, Valves & Tubing

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Calzoni(Denison, Div. Of Parker) - High-Torque Low-Speed Radial Piston Motors

CanFlo - Sold to Dynamic Fluid Components & Gems

Cessna - See Eaton

Char-Lynn, Div. Of Eaton - High-Torque Low-Speed Motors & Power Steering

Chicago Fittings - Tube Fittings

Co-Ax Valves - Valves

Columbus Hydraulics - Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Continental Hydraulics - Hydraulic Pumps, Valves & Motors

Cryo-Flow Products - Flow Controls & Check Valves

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Daman - Aluminum & Steel Manifolds & Subplates

Datatran - Electronic Drivers & Cards

DCT - Transducers

DMIC - Ball Valves

Donaldson - Return-Line Filters, Pressure Filters, Pall Replacement Elements, Air Cleaners & Exhaust Products

Dropsa - Switches

Duff-Norton - Mechanical and Electromechanical Actuators 

Duramax - See Donaldson

Dwyer Instruments - Switches

Dynamic Fluid Components - Gauges & Accessories

Dynaquip - Ball Valves

Dynex-Rivett - Hydraulic Pumps, Valves & Motors

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Eaton - Hydrostatic Transmissions, Piston Pumps, Gear Pumps, Vane Pumps, Valves & Cylinders

Efdyn - Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Energy - Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders & Valves

Enerpac - High-Force Tools Division & Production Automation Division

EPE - Hydraulic Filters

Eskridge – Gear Boxes

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Fairey-Arlon, Parker Hydraulic Filter Div. - (only Gurnee, IL branch) Hydraulic Filters

Fenner-Stone - See SPX Fluid Power

Flo-Ezy Filters - Suction Strainers & Reservoir Accessories

Flo-Tech - See Hedland

Flowtech - Pressure Switches

Flo-Tork - Pneumatic & Hydraulic Rotary Actuators  

Fluid Protection Corp. - Fume/Odor, Water & Solid Particle Removing Breathers; Inline Filters & Dryers

Fluidtek Corp. - Hydraulic filters

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Gems - Switches: Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum

Graco - Air-Operated Process Pumps

Granite Fluid Power - Large Custom Cylinders, Accumulators & High-Pressure Valves & Pumps

Green Mfg. - Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Greer Hydraulics, Div. Of Parker - Accumulators, Pulsation Dampeners, SurgeKushons, KleenVents

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Haldex Barnes - Gear Pumps, Flow Dividers, Small A.C. & D.C. Hydraulic Power Units

Hammelmann Corp. - Plunger Pumps for Water-Based Fluids

Hanna Cylinders - (only ESI Little Rock, AR branch) N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Hannay Reels - Hose Reels

Haskel - Air-Driven Gas Boosters & Liquid Pumps, Air Pressure Amplifiers & High-Pressure Valves

Heco - Speed Reducers for Hydraulic Motors

Hedland - Flow Meters & Portable Test Units

Helland - See Zero-Max

Heypac - (only Gurnee, IL branch) Air Actuated Pumps

HTL - See Nutron Motor

Hunt Valve - Water Service Directional Valves and Pressure Regulating Valves

Hydraulic Technologies - Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydro-Craft - Hydraulic Reservoirs & Accessories, Tube & Pipe Clamps

Hydro-Line, Div. of Eaton - N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders & Boosters

Hydrolux - See Moog

Hydrostar - See KYB

HTL Motor - See Nutron Motor

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Inserta - Flanged Ball Valves & Check Valves

ITW Vortec - See Vortec

Iowa Industrial - See Hydraulic Technologies

<<Back to Top

Kawasaki - Hydraulic Low-Speed High-Torque Radial Piston Motors & High-Speed Pumps & Motors

Kocsis - Hydraulic Accumulators

KYB - Hydraulic Low-Speed High-Torque Radial Piston Motors

Krystil Klear Filtration - Multi-Element Bag Filter Housings

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Lake Monitors - Flow Meters & Flow Alarms

Leeson Electric – Electric Motors

Legris - Pneumatic Fittings, Recoil Hose & Tubing, Ball Valves & Blow Guns

Lenz - Fittings, Gauges, Hydraulic Filter, Strainers & Tank Accessories

Lexair - Pneumatic Specialty Valves

LHA, Div. Of Donaldson - Hydraulic Gauges & Accessories

Lincoln Electric – Electric Motors

Lincoln Machine - Heavy-Duty, Mill-Type Cylinders

Lindberg Fluid Power - Mill-Type Cylinders

Lovejoy - Pump/Motor Couplings

Lube Devices - Liquid Level Gauges & Air/Oil Reservoirs

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Magnaloy Coupling - Pump/Motor Mounts & Couplings

Martner Products Mfg . - See Kocsis

Marvel Engineering - Filters

Midland - Stainless Steel Valves & Stainless Steel Cylinders

Miller Fluid Power, Div. Of Parker - N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Miner Elastomer Products - See RMH Controls

Modular Controls (Eaton) - Cartridge Valves

Monroe Engineering - Swing Clamps, Hydraulic Pumps, Jacks

Moog - Servo Valves & Precision Motion Control

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Nason - Switches

Nelson-Winslow - Coalescing Fuel & Lube Oil Filters

Norco , Parker Hydraulic Filter Div. - Filters

Nopak - (only Gurnee, IL branch) Air Receivers, Boosters, Directional Valves, N.F.P.A. & Mill-Type Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Noshok - Pressure Gauges and Transducers

Nutron Motor - Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors & Hydraulic Servo Motors

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Ogden Hydraulics - Accumulators

Ohio Oscillator - See Flo-Tork  

Omnex Control Systems - Radio Remote Controls

Origa - See Hoerbiger Origa

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Pacer Industries - Slurry Pumps

Parker - Colorflow & Parflow Division, Flow Controls & Check Valves

Parker-Origa - Cylinders

Perfecting Coupling - Quick-Disconnect Couplers

Permco - Mobile Gear Pumps, Interchangeable with Commercial Intertech

Phelps - Custom Telescoping Cylinders

Pitts Industries - Electric Clutches

Pressure Components (PCI) - Quick Disconnects & High-Pressure Ball Valves

Pressure Devices (PDI), Div. of Gems - Switches: Pressure, Temperature & Vacuum

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Quadrastat - Joysticks and Controllers

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Racine - See Bosch

Ram-Pac - Hydraulic Tools

Refilco - Replacement Filter Cartridges

Rego - See Cyro-Flow Products

Republic, Parker-Hydraulic Valve Div. - Hydraulic and Pneumatic Flow, Pressure, Directional & Specialty Valves

RKP, Div. of Moog - Pumps

RMH Controls - Elastomeric Shock Absorbers

Rivett Inc. - See Dynex-Rivett

Rockford(Hydro-Line), Div. of Eaton - Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Rodgers, Div. Of Victor Fluid Power - See Granite Fluid Power

RotoThrust - See Hanna Cylinders

RR USA - Gear boxes, Motors & Gear Reducers

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Salem - See Oilgear

Schenk Pegasus, Div. of Moog - Servo Valves

Schrupp - Accumulators, High Flow Hydraulic Valves, Cartridge Valves

SMC - Pneumatic cylinders, valves, filters, etc.

SPX Fluid Power - Small A.C. & D.C. Hydraulic Power Units

Staffa - See Kawasaki

Stauff - Clamps, Filters, High-Pressure Valves & Accessories

Stone - See SPX Fluid Power

Summa - See Eaton

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TCI Technical - (only Gurnee, IL branch) Hydraulic Motors & Gear Boxes

Teledyne Republic - See Republic

Thermal Transfer - Air & Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers

ThermaSys - See Thermal Transfer

TJ Cylinders, Div. of Eaton - (only ESI Little Rock, AR branch) N.F.P.A. Interchangeable Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Tokyo Precision Instruments (TSS), Div. of Moog - See Moog

Torit, Div. of Donaldson - See Donaldson


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UCI - Gauges & Ball Valves

Union Flonetics (Foster Valve Group) - See Hunt Valve Co.

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Vescor, Div. Of Lube Devices - Reservoirs, Motor Pump Mounts & Reservoir Accessories

Viceroy - See Anker-Holth

Vickers, Div. of Eaton - See Eaton

Voac, Div. of Parker - Piston Pumps & Motors, Directional Control Valves & Proportional Directional Control Valves

Volvo - See Voac

Vonberg Valve - Hydraulic Valves

Von Ruden - Motors, Planetary Gear Reducers & Overhung Load Adapters

Vortec - Compressed Air Specialty Products

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WaterGuard - See Advance Technology Products

Waterman Hydraulics, Parker-Integrated Hydraulic Div. - Cartridge Valves

Webster Instruments - Flow, Pressure & Temperature Measuring Devices

Weiss Instruments - Gauges

West Craft Mfg. - Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

Wilton Powrlock - See Monroe Engineering

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Young Radiator - Air & Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers

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Zero-Max Motion Control Products - Overhung Load Adapters

Zinga Industries - Filters, Strainers, Fittings & Accessories

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