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Applied Industrial Technologies has the critical products you need to minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency.

As Oil Prices Rise, Are Profits Leaking from Your Hydraulic System?

by Tom Nash, Applied Industrial Technologies
Published January/February 2006,Fluid Power Journal

Here's a challenge for plant managers: Have your purchasing department total how much you’ve spent on hydraulic fluid in the last six months to a year. No matter what the total, odds are good it’s more than you should have spent. Barring the installation of a new hydraulic system, you should have little need for new hydraulic fluid.

Take a look at your entire facility and you’ll find that the cost of new hydraulic fluid is just the first of many extra unnecessary expenses.

Learn a few ways to stop your systems – and profits – from leaking...


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Q. After I set the tension on a new v-belt drive application, do I ever need to check it again? Go to http://web.applied.com/base.cfm?page_id=5334 for answer.

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Featured Supplier: Rexnord

Rexnord’s diverse product lines are used in industries worldwide, delivering quality performance for any application:

 - Bearings
 - Couplings
 - Gears
 - FlatTop chain
 - Industrial chain & conveying equipment
 - Aerospace & other special components

As your source for complete product and application solutions, Rexnord gets you maximum performance at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Browse Rexnord®:
Bearings & Seals - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=1859&m=1440&x=1

Power Transmission Products - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=582&m=1440&x=1

Browse Falk®:
Lubrications Products & Equipment - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=521&m=587&x=1

Power Tranmission Products - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=582&m=587&x=1

Browse Link-Belt®:
Bearings & Seals - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=1859&m=943&x=1

Power Transmission Products - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=582&m=943&x=1

The Rexnord brands you can trust:
Rexnord® • Falk™ • Link-Belt® • Thomas® • TableTop® • MatTop® • MCC® • MB® • Marbett®


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Rexnord 882 Medium-Duty Low Friction (MLF) TableTop® Chain
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* Prices effective through April 30, 2011.


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