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OEM Controls Dual Valve Driver Board

OEM Controls primary design goal was to produce a PWM board that could be easily converted by our customers from tehir dual coil Proportional Duty Cycle (PDC) applications to their Proportional Current (PC) applications. The board features both types of outputs running simultaneously. Large wire jumpers with silkscreen indentification lettering allow the customer to easily configure the board to operate either the Parker Pulsar (Apitech - 33 or 63 Hz) PDC valve or most diode clamped PWM valves. This allows you to inventory one PCB for most dual coil applications.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 9V - 32VAuxiliary Output (X): The Aux output is active when the power switch is closed. It outputs raw Vbat minus one diode drop (about 0.5V)
Command Input: Either Potentiometer (10k non-CT) Voltage (0.5V to 4.5V)LED: Illuminated when pcb is active also used for assisted potentiometer centering
Max Output Current: PWM: 4 Amps each; PDC: 3 Amps eachProtection: Reversed power supply, Output blocking diode, Short circuit, Thermal
Frequency (hardware configured): PWM: 33 Hz - 250 Hz; PDC: 33 Hz or 63 Hz - jumper selectable (75 Hz standard also available)Environmental: Operating temperature: -40C to +70C; Full Moisture protection = silicone based conformal coating; EMC protection = CE rating
Current Regulation: less than or equal to 5% errorNOTE: This board was not designed to include single coil or flow control electro-hydraulic valves. Such valves require boards configured specifcally for the application
Trimpot Adjustments: Individual adjustments of A & B directions for Threshold, Hi Range (Maxout), Lo Range. Ramp adjustments are made with 1 trimpot for both directions


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