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Poclain Hydraulics Launch Universal Control Unit Designed for its CreepDrive™ System

Poclain Hydraulics has enhanced its CreepDrive™ system with the creation of a control unit integrating all the functions required for the control and monitoring of the system. This unit simplifies installation of the system on the vehicle and increases the driver’s control and comfort.

The CreepDrive™ system is the ideal transmission solution for vehicles that move rapidly to reach their place of work and drive at very low speed (between 0 and 5 mph). This system, consisting of hydraulic (motor, pump, valve, etc.) and electronic (computer and sensors) components, is controlled by the driver from the vehicle cab using simple controls.

Simplification of the electronic connection:
The control unit is delivered with a cable harness complete with all the connectors required for the smooth installation of the system.

Improvement in the control comfort and monitoring of the system:
The control elements of the system; the joystick, display and stop/start buttons, have all been brought together in a single unit. The driver therefore has all the elements helping to control the system with one hand. He can then control the movements of the vehicle while easily checking that the system is running smoothly.

Rapid delivery:
The CreepDrive™ system (motor, pump, valve, control unit) can be delivered within 5 days thanks to the Poclain Hydraulics USA PHAST service (phast@poclain-hydraulics.com).

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