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Poclain Hydraulics MZ Hydraulic Motors Designed for Swing Drive

Poclain Hydraulics added to its offering with the creation of the MZ hydraulic motor designed to drive the swing drives of 2 to 6 ton mini-excavators. MZ motors are distinguished by their compactness that makes them easier to build into machines. These high torque motors also improve operator productivity, accuracy and comfort.

Easier integration into the machine:

  • The overall size of the MZ motor has been optimized thanks to the maximum integration of the make-up and anti-rebound valves.  Its improved compactness offers new design options for mini-excavator manufacturers.

Enhanced productivity of the machine:

  • The increased efficiency of the MZ motors helps to make the most of the power installed on the machine, thus offering improved acceleration, a guarantee of productivity.
  • Thanks to their low internal losses, the MZ motors contribute to reducing the fuel consumption of mini-excavators.

Increased maneuvering precision:

  • The built-in valves ensure smoother engagement during the shut-down phase of the turret and help to avoid any rebound
  • Coupled with the radial piston motor technology, these valves guarantee extremely accurate positioning of the mini-excavator boom
  • The technical characteristics of the MZ motor prevent the swing drive from drifting when operating on sloping ground

Improved driver comfort:

  • The integrated valve technology in the MZ motors helps to eliminate shocks and inadvertent movement when stopped
  • The cab’s acoustic comfort has also been improved thanks to the low noise emission of the MZ motors

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