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Applied Industrial Technologies

Applied Industrial Technologies has the critical products you need to minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency.

Brighten Up Your Facility

Summer is an ideal time to paint or touch up those problem or neglected areas around your facility. Applied® offers a wide range of locally stocked paints and painting accessories, such as Rust-Oleum's line of Industrial Choice 1600 Multi-Purpose Sprays. They're perfect for everyday industrial maintenance applications on wood, metal or masonry surfaces.

Learn More - Watch a Video - http://web.applied.com/base.cfm?page_id=5419

Get Tips on Color Selection - http://web.applied.com/base.cfm?page_id=5420

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Pick Our Brains
Q. What are the advantages of using ceramic balls vs. steel balls in radial bearings?

Go to http://web.applied.com/base.cfm?page_id=5412 for answer.

Do you have a question for the product experts at Applied®? Go to replyemail@applied.com.

Featured Supplier: Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands is dedicated to the diverse needs of the industrial market by providing superior protective paint and coatings solutions.

Rust-Oleum products are trusted in a range of industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power/electric; and are formulated to withstand rust, heat, abrasion, chemicals, corrosion and more. Whatever your industrial environment and application, from flooring and steam pipes to boilers and machinery, Rust-Oleum’s got it covered.

Browse Rust-Oleum:

Caulks & Sealants - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=1261&m=1489&x=1

Cleaning Chemicals - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=3483&m=1489&x=1
Coatings - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=547&m=1489&x=1
Epoxies - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=390&m=1489&x=1

Painting & Spraying Equipment - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=562&m=1489&x=1
Paints - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=2&c=256&m=1489&x=1

Hot Deals*

Rust-Oleum® Industrial Choice® 1600 System, Enamel Aerosol
Now just $56.57
View Details & Order - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=10&s=8124642&r=0&type=m

Rust-Oleum® TurboKrete® Concrete Patching Compound
Now just $4.48
View Details & Order - http://www.applied.com/apps/commerce/catalog/catalog.do?e=10&s=3955430&r=0&type=m

* Prices effective through July 31, 2011.


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