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The MICO MOBEUSTM (Mobile On Board Energy Utilization System) Family of Electrohydraulic Brake Components

MOBEUSTM  integrates multiple sensor inputs, advanced analysis and control logic, high speed outputs, and hydraulic actuators into a system that delivers levels of braking efficiency and vehicle control previously common to the automotive and on-highway market to the heavy vehicle and off-road market.

By combining the power density and response time advantages of hydraulic braking with high speed control and actuation devices, MOBEUSTM is the foundation for MICO, Inc. ABS, Traction Control, and Stability Control systems tailored to the unique requirements of heavy equipment.

MOBEUSTM is the culmination of over ten years of development work in off-highway advanced electrohydraulic brake controls and all components of the system have been successfully implemented in multiple off-highway markets. 


  • 2 Channel ABS for Large Agricultural Trailer
  • 4 Channel ABS for Ag Tractors
  • 4, 6, and 8 Channel ABS and Stability Control on Armored Vehicles
  • ABS on Street Sweepers (MICO Inc. ABS supports ECE R13 vehicle certification for European on-road) ABS and Traction Control on Mining Vehicles

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