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 Innovative Ceramic Shield for Welding

Loctite® SF 7900™ Ceramic Shield for Welding is an innovative ceramic protective coating for welding and is available to you from Applied®. This unique dry film effectively protects welding equipment against metal spatter for up to eight hours without the need for reapplication. Frequent cleaning of the equipment will no longer be necessary and this product virtually eliminates downtime, so you can enjoy the benefits of reduced costs and enhanced productivity.








Features and Benefits

  • Increase productivity by up to 7%
  • Reduce running costs for consumables by up to 40%
  • Less downtime for cleaning equipment
  • Ceramic, silicone-free protective coating
  • Spray coating dries within seconds
  • Easy application
  • Excellent adhesion of coating
  • Protects contact tips, welding nozzles and jigs
  • Costs of the protective coating are only a few cents per shift
  • Prevents adhesion of welding spatter for up to eight hours with just one application

Go Here to See Loctite® SF 7900™ in Action!

Order Now or Contact Your Local Applied® Service Center at 1-877-279-2799 to Learn More About This Innovative Protective Coating for Welding

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