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 Power Transmission Belt Storage Tips

Under favorable storage conditions, good quality belts retain their initial serviceability and dimensions. Conversely, unfavorable conditions can adversely affect performance and can cause dimensional change. Good storage facilities and practices will allow users to achieve the most value from their power transmission belting.
Power transmission belts should be stored in a cool and dry environment with no direct sunlight. When stacked on shelves, the stacks should be small enough to avoid excess weight on the bottom belts which may cause distortion. When stored in containers, the container size and contents should be sufficiently limited to avoid distortion, particularly to those belts in the bottom of the container.
Some things to avoid:


  • Do not store belts on the floor unless a suitable container is provided. They may be susceptible to water leaks or moisture or otherwise damaged due to traffic.
  • Do not store belts near windows which may permit exposure to sunlight or moisture. Do not store belts near radiators or heaters or in the air flow from heating devices.
  • Do not store belts in the vicinity of transformers, electric motors, or other electrical devices that may generate ozone. Also avoid areas where evaporating solvents or other chemicals are present in the environment.
  • Do not store belts in a configuration that would result in a bend diameter less than the minimum recommended pulley diameter for normal bends.
Following a few simple guidelines can provide maximum belt life and efficiency. For additional information or help on this topic, contact your local Applied Industrial Technologies representative.

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