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Welcome to the Technical Reference section of Here you will find some great technical information and advice from seasoned pros. Make things easier by using our Tips & Troubleshooting section which can answer any questions you may have about using

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General Information

Drive System Mechanical Formulas
Engineering/Technical Tables
Metric/Decimal Equivalents
Temperature Conversions


Bearing Facts 
Causes of Bearing Failure 


Coefficients of Friction
Nominal V-Belt Cross Section Chart/Conveyor Belt fmp to rmp Chart
Troubleshooting Belts


Cylinder Types 
High Pressure Cylinders 
Hydraulic Cylinder Speeds 
Selecting a Hydraulic Cylinder & Power Unit 
Theoretical Push & Pull Forces for Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders

Fluid Power Formulas/Charts/Symbols

Fluid Power Formulas
General Fluid Power Troubleshooting Charts
Hydraulic Symbols
Pneumatic Symbols


Defining Hose & Assembly Length
Hose Selection

Motors & Controls

AC Motor Information 
AC Motor Selection Guide 
Speed Reducer/Gearomotor Selection Guide

Pumps & Valves

Pumps - Electric Motor Horsepower Required to Drive a Hydraulic Pump 
Valves - How to Determine Proper Air Valve Size

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