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  Applied Industrial Technologies Fluid power formulas including equations for pumps, actuators, thermal conversions, and volume and capacity equivalents. Applied.com is your source for all your fluid power needs.
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Fluid Power Formulas

This download contains all the charts named below.

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Fluid Power Formulas (285 KB)

Basic Formulas

Fluid Pressure
Fluid Flow Rate
Fluid Power

Fluid Formulas

Velocity Through Piping
Compressibility of Oil
Compressibility of Fluid
Specific Gravity of Fluid
Valve (Cv) Flow Factor
Viscosity in Centistokes 

Pump Formulas

Pump Outlet Flow
Pump Input Power
Pump Efficiency (overall in percent)
Pump Efficinecy (volumetrin in percent)
Pump Efficiency (mechanical in percent)
Pump Life 

Actuator Formulas

Cylinder Force
Cylinder Velocity or Speed
Cylinder Volume Capacity
Cylinder Flow Rate
Fluid Motor Torque
Fluid Motor Torque/100 psi
Fluid Motor Speed
Fluid Motor Power

Thermal Formulas

Reservoir Cooling Capacity
Heat in Hydraulic Oil
Heat in Fresh Water

Acumulator Formulas

Pressure or Volume
Pressure or Temerature
Volume or Temperature
Pressure Volume

Volume & Capacity Equivalents

Cubic Inches 
Cubic Feet 
Cubic Centimeters 
U.S. Gallons 
Imperial Gallons 
Pounds of Water 
Killograms of Water 

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