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  Applied Industrial Technologies To determine cylinder speed, gives the customer a chart to determine the cylinder plunger speed, as well as a PDF with additional information to download for easy reference.
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Cylinder Speed

This chart will help you calculate the time required for an Enerpac cylinder to lift a load when powered by a 10,000 psi Enerpac hydraulic pump. The Cylinder Speed Chart can also be used to determine the pump type and model best suited for an application when you know the plunger speed required.

How to determine Cylinder Plunger Speed

 An RC-308 cylinder (30 ton) is powered by a 5-Series Hushh pump. While lifting the load, the cylinder plunger will require 3.2 seconds to travel 1 inch. While extending towards the load, the cylinder plunger travels at .61 sec/in.

How to determine Cylinder plunger speed table example 2

How to determine Cylinder Plunger Speed

Your 30 ton cylinder needs to move a load at a speed of 6.50 sec/in. Simply go down from the top of the chart, to the value of 6.50 sec/in. Then follow the chart to the right to find that the 3-Series Hushh pump or Titan most suitable for your application.

How to determine cylinder plunger speed table example 1



Download Cylinder Plunger Speed charts pdf

Cylinder Plunger Speed Charts(397 KB)

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